A humanist process since 1946 The beginning of the little brothers of the Poor

Armand Marquiset, fondateur des petits frères des PauvresIn 1939, and after a long intellectual and spiritual process, Armand Marquiset decided to dedicate his life to the poor.

This project was carried out in 1946 with the creation in France of the association of the little brothers of the Poor.

He particularly committed himself in helping elderly destitute people. To love the poorest as brothers and to help them as much as possible: those were Armand Marquiset’s driving forces.

The action of the little brothers of the Poor is still achieved today around these fundamental values of respect and brotherhood. Volunteers and staff offer a long term accompaniment to allow people to rebuild their lives, to weave relational networks and to be released from their isolation and all this whilst giving them the material support they need.

Loyal to the founder’s intuitions, the little brothers of the Poor are anxious to adapt their action to the needs of the society and to help to fight all poverties and to support elderly people who have been led to the streets by life setbacks, those terminally ill, people in isolation living in impoverished suburban areas or in homes for elderly migrants.

Along the years, the little brothers of the Poor’s network has developed throughout the world.



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