The international charter

All the organisations member of the International Federation of Little Brothers of the Poor share common values expressed in the Little Brother's International Charter.

The International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor brings together associations and other not-for-profit organizations which, by virtue of their mission and the work they do, help combat loneliness and social isolation among the elderly and embrace the following principles:

The values

Members’ actions are guided by a set of core values:
  • Every person is unique and irreplaceable
  • Every person, no matter what their background or physical, mental or social status, deserves respect
  • Every person’s choices, beliefs and values must be respected.

The mission


The mission of the members is to support the elders suffering from social isolation, particularly those living in precarious social circumstances.

Members are committed to establishing authentic and lasting relationships among isolated elders and volunteers, over and above any material assistance volunteers or organization can provide.

Support means :
  • make regular individual visits to each elder;
  • foster a dialogue that respects dignity, privacy, pace and freedom of choice;
  • support and help elders in every aspect of life, especially in cases where there is a lack of resources to enjoy a decent standard of living;
  • help the elder make connections with others and enjoy moments of happiness and togetherness.

Members ensure this level of support by developing specific initiatives, such as: 

  • trips and outings;
  • holiday celebrations;
  • group activities;
  • material assistance;
  • housing and other facilities;
  • and more.


Given the long-term nature of Members’ commitment to the elders they serve, it must always be carried out by volunteers.

Members must not be bound by conditions imposed by a religious, political or ethnic affiliation.

Members must allow active volunteers the opportunity to debate issues, speak their mind and take part in the decision-making process.

In an effort to foster collective action, members must develop initiatives aimed at citizen mobilization, education and support for volunteers and staff members alike.

Members must work hand in hand with any family members or elders’ friends and serve in a complementary capacity to professional and institutional partners.

Raise awareness

Members pledge to raise awareness about the various situations they encounter. They strive to draw public attention to the conditions and realities facing the elders they serve, bringing both their hardships and hopes to light.


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