Remembering. A tribute that express the respect and recognition of a loved one.

The members of the International Federation of Little Brothers of the Poor pay tribute to the elderly accompanied after their death, according to the practices and traditions of each country. Here are some examples.

"Here we can laugh at everything, even death".This old proverb sounds like a refrain all over Mexico and says a lot about the celebration of the dead, celebrated for millennia. The association Amigos de los Adultos Mayores put up an altar and decorates it with traditional offerings such as salt, water, flowers, candles and, sometimes, the favorite dishes of the deceased. Their photo is also displayed because not to remember a dead person in Mexico is like killing her a second time.



In Minneapolis, volunteers and employees of Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly gather once a year to pay tribute to the elderly who died during the year. Candles with their names are arranged on a table. Then we celebrate their lives by recounting memories drinking coffee and eating some candy.




As for the Little Brothers of Quebec organize a commemorative day by going to a cemetery where the association have a vault. Then they do a traditionnal release of balloons, which fly away, carried by the lightness of consciences soothed.    



These moments, experienced differently in each country or association, remind us of the importance of the action taken. The commitment and specificity of the little brothers of the Poor has remained the same since its creation, namely to alleviating isolation of the elderly and staying by their side throughout their remaining years. Commemorations are also important moments for volunteers to say a last goodbye to to the dear voices that have been silenced.


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