So little is needed to improve the life of another human being

#ConnectingGenerations is a charity event meant to bring together people of all ages, especially in the very special time that is Christmas. Mali Bracia Ubogich (Little Brothers of the Poor organization in Poland) aims at improving the quality of life of the elderly by breaking down the taboo and speaking openly about their loneliness.

Jakub Kucner (Mister Poland 2017) came up with an idea for a calendar with photos of celebrities along with seniors and volunteers. 13 Polish stars (journalists, models and actors) got involved in the project.

”It is a way of drawing attention to the problem of loneliness as well as engaging people in the prevention efforts. We never know what fate awaits us, what will happen in our lives and how we’ll spend the last years of our lives. Christmas is a very special time when no one should be alone” says Urszula Rogala, a volunteer of Mali Bracia Ubogich who co-organized the event.

Gathering together around the Christmas table helps to introduce ”normality” back into the lives of the lonely elderly and create a real Christmas atmosphere, regardless of the intergenerational barriers. Every year it is possible thanks to the donors and the help of the volunteers.


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