Thanksgiving: one of the most important time of the year

It’s one of the most important holidays in the United States. Family members get together in joy and good mood. And its also a day when people do not forget to help those in need.

That’s why the orgganization Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly organizes a meal each year to allow isolated elderly people to enjoy this holiday and find themselves in a friendly environment.

The 7 chapters have hosted thanksgiving traditional meals where you could have the chance to enjoy the turkey.


Hundreds of volunteers made this celebration possible and allowed hundreds of elderly people to enjoy this moment during which they could talk, laugh, dance and share a good meal.

Leo Niemczyk, an elderly person from Boston, was asked where he would spend Thanksgiving if the event did not exist and he simply answered: “I'd be home in my apartment by myself”.

Those who could not join the parties were not forgotten: some home deliveries have been organized.


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