Month: May 2019

An international seminar on new forms of engagement was held in Lille from 23 to 26 May 2019

The seminar, which was themed “Volunteering and the civic engagement of tomorrow”, brought together 53 volunteers and employees from 9 member countries of the International Federation (Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Spain, the United States), as well as 2 partner countries (Belgium and Hungary). Workshops, round tables and debates provided an opportunity for […]

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2018 – An exciting year for the Romanian association “Niciodată Singur”

In 2018, the third year of operation of the “Niciodată Singur” Association  was full of achievements and inspiring new projects in our way to build a strong, involved and sustainable organization in Romania. With the help of volunteers, partners, sponsors and donors, the Romanian Association has once again brought joy and hope into the life […]

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