2018 – An exciting year for the Romanian association “Niciodată Singur”

In 2018, the third year of operation of the “Niciodată Singur” Association  was full of achievements and inspiring new projects in our way to build a strong, involved and sustainable organization in Romania.

With the help of volunteers, partners, sponsors and donors, the Romanian Association has once again brought joy and hope into the life of the lonely elders, providing moral, practical and material support.

Another 2018 success, which strengthens the confidence that we are on the right track, is the fact that we have noticed a visible change in the attitude and behaviour of the elder beneficiaries, in their reactions and testimonies following various activities and events that they attended. This change manifested itself through a greater involvement and a more relaxed presence, even more colourful outfits, their excitement to take part in activities, and the show of initiative and openness to communicate.

Find here the 2018 Annual Report of the “Niciodată Singur” Association.

Beatrice Culda    Asociatia Niciodata Singur – Prietenii Varstnicilor


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