Month: September 2019

Naye, from France, tells us about her volunteering experience in Ireland

Naye, age 23, was a volunteer with Friends of the Elderly in Dublin (Ireland) for a year. She has committed herself through the French program “Service Civique” and chose this organization because she wanted to contribute to relieve loneliness and isolation among the elderly. ”On completion of my volunteer service with Friends of the Elderly […]

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Celebration of Grand-Parents’ Day in Mexico

In Mexico, Grand-Parents’ Day, unlike other Spanish-speaking countries, is celebrated on August 28. However, it should be remembered that more than half of the grandparents are not elderly, as the average age to become grandparents in Mexico is 45 years. This Grandparents’ Day, which was established in 1994, aims to raise awareness in Government and […]

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This summer, two American students for our isolated seniors in Toulouse

For more than 20 years, the  association of Petits Frères des Pauvres has welcomed students in the south of France every year during the summer to foste intergenerational ties.  Summer is a time when the isolation of our seniors is even more acute. For all the members of the international federation of Petits Frères des […]

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