Amics de la Gent Gran celebrates 30 years!

The Foundation Amics de la Gent Gran celebrates its 30 years of action in Catalonia, with a slogan that reflects its attention to the quality of relationships with the elderly: “Since 1987 in good company”. It’s been 30 years since the movement of little brothers of the Poor has been active in Spain.
This anniversary year was marked by a very beautiful exhibition that tells five stories through photographs and texts. It ended with a beautiful concert by one of the oldest children’s choirs in Europe, which brought together more than 1,000 people including volunteers, donors, partners and representatives from the city and the region. More than 500 elderly people attended.
It is also the year that the organization has chosen to launch its observatory of solitude, which aims to better understand the complex phenomenon of solitude in order to better comprehend the negative effects of unwanted solitude and to promote tools for its prevention.
Today, the Catalan organization mobilizes 1800 volunteers who serve more than 1500 elderly people.


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