Companies, the world of sport and gamers mobilize for our associations

Despite the economic crisis that is affecting all sectors, the business world is not lagging behind in its generosity. The associations of the International Federation of Little Brothers of the Poor have witnessed this every day since the beginning of the health crisis linked to covid-19. There are many of them (entrepreneurs, sportsmen, gamers…) who have committed themselves through concrete actions, direct donations or by using their notoriety to call on their communities to make donations.

Companies from all sectors are mobilising to help the associations of the International Federation Petits Frères des Pauvres.  In Ireland, for example, it is a well-known hotel in downtown Dublin that has prepared and help the association Friends of the Elderly to distribute 600 meals to isolated elderly people every week since the beginning of the lockdown.


The world of professional sport has also been largely mobilized, particularly in France. To her great delight, Odette, 96 years old, football fan and accompanied by the Petits Freres des Pauvres had the joy of speaking several times with Florian Thauvin.  The football player, world champion, was touched by our actions against the isolation of the elderly. A nice moment of respite and intergenerational exchange during the lockdown.


The National Rugby League and the TOP14, which share the same spirit of solidarity and family as our associations, have made a strong commitment. In France, they organised a live charity event lasting 8 hours to benefit the actions of the French association. This #Top14adomicile event brought together more than 870,000 spectators and raised more than 32,000 euros for isolated elderly people.


Similarly, about a hundred gamers gathered by the association ‘Chœur de Gamers’ organized a charity live video game show on the online platforms Twitch and Youtube. This event, which lasted 122 hours, raised 31,250 euros for the Petits Freres des Pauvres.


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