International Conference 2023

The International Federation of Little Brothers of the Poor recently held its international conference. Entitled “The Power of Possibilities”, it took place from April 19 to 22 in Paris. The event was designed to bring together the Federation’s member associations and partners. Fifteen countries were represented. From Mexico to Canada, or from Ivory Coast to Ukraine, more than 70 participants were present. This event was an opportunity for all to meet again after the pandemic, to have the opportunity to share their experiences and exchange.



Several strategic topics were discussed during these three days:

  • Jane Langridge, President of the International Federation, addressed the issue of the aging of the world’s population. She stressed the importance of adapting to demographic change and the impact this phenomenon will have on the work of the associations in the international network.
  • Mickael Barth and Alexis Bouges from L’AVISE, an engineering agency for alternative entrepreneurship, presented strategies for scaling up. They shared their expertise on how organizations can grow without necessarily mobilizing more resources. Participants discovered the notions of “fertilization, fusion, multiplication, cooperation” as a means of development. The goal is to multiply their actions to serve more seniors.
  • Saad ZIAN an expert on international volunteering, made participants aware of the evolution of volunteering in the world, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Saad highlighted the changing perception of volunteering. He explained the difference between formal and informal volunteering. He also focused on the differences in the profile of volunteers according to their generation (X,Y,Z…). Finally, Saad stressed the need to consider all these data to ensure the sustainability and progress of our associations.



The conference was a valuable opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas and open avenues of reflection. During these two days of intense work, plenary sessions, workshops, and games were alternated. This allowed to encourage exchanges between participants and to stimulate debates.

The participants returned to work with the conviction that we are all mobilized throughout the world against the isolation and precariousness of the elderly. The lessons learned from the conference will help shape the future efforts of each association.



The International Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor would like to thank the Paris City Council for the grant awarded in the framework of Label Paris Europe. This support greatly contributed to the success of the conference and allowed participants to be welcomed in the best possible conditions.


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