International Women’s Day !

On International Women’s Day, the Niciodată Singur – Prietenii Vârstnicilor Association from Romania celebrates the beauty that women of any age bring to this world!

For the occasion, the expression “old age” was replaced by “third youth”, the objective is to convince that beauty has no age limit. To this end, our Romanian friends, in collaboration with the photographer Alex Domnisoru, organized a professional photo shoot. Like real celebrities, five women over 70 years old took part in the game, they shine without any filter and give us a beautiful lesson of life.

“At 20, I emphasized physical beauty. Now, for me, beauty refers to the soul. It’s the desire to do good for others. What beautifies your soul, also beautifies your face. The more personality you have, the more beautiful you are. To be fair, to be good, and to listen to people’s pain. And if you can, to help them,” says Georgeta Zecheru, 72, a lady who was widowed at just 45, and who faced the difficulties in life with dignity and courage.



Especially elderly women may feel the pressure of society to be invisible and unimportant, but the truth is that they have much to offer and share. With their life experience, they can be mentors and sources of inspiration for younger generations, and their presence in the community can bring a unique and valuable perspective.

“The elderly need hugs, and today I hugged everyone and filled my soul! The most important thing in life is to take care of yourself! I am beautiful inside and I give everyone my joy, this is my superpower” says Paraschiva Plesescu, 79, who is known as grandma Mimi in the #NeverAlone family.

“I advise young girls not to give up, to go ahead with all their dreams, to fulfill them. I wanted to be in a choir since I was a child, before I went to school. I made a scene in the yard, climbed on it, and sang and played theater. Now, at 72, I sing in a traditional choir and I have the opportunity to go on stage! Dreams really can come true” says Cati Badea, 72.



In March, the Never Alone – Friends of the Elderly Association offers, with the support of Dr.Max Farmacies, a day of pampering for 320 senior ladies facing loneliness. The association’s beneficiaries will receive a visit to a beauty salon or care products (for those unable to travel).

The natonal study conducted by the association in 2021 shows that 1 in 4 elderly people in urban areas experiences severe loneliness. Loneliness increases the risk of stroke, developing coronary artery disease, or hypertension. Prolonged loneliness can also have potential effects on mental health, such as anxiety and depression.

That’s why, in March, the Romanian association decided to fight isolation with care and a good dose of conviviality.



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