Les Petits Frères of Québec Implements a New Local Team

Established in Quebec since 1962, Les Petits Frères have had a significant impact on the lives of 2513 elderly in 2020-2021. None of this would be possible without the considerable contributions of 3,090 volunteers and 65 staff members.

This year, in October, the organization will celebrate its 60th anniversary on International Day of Older Persons.


Les Petits Frères of Quebec is pleased to announce the opening of a new team in the city of Granby in the Montérégie region. With this new development, Les Petits Frères hopes to create a strong community committed to caring for the lonely and isolated elderly of the region.

This project is the result of a long time reflection as well as an in-depth diagnosis of the field in collaboration with the local community. This is another great step forward for the organization, which has experienced strong growth since 2019 throughout the province.

The inauguration of the location took place on December 9 and the Granby community responded to the invitation to celebrate this initiative to fight against the isolation of elderly, which was eagerly awaited in the region, as evidenced by this article published in the regional newspaper La Voix de l’Est. Les Petits Frères staff and volunteers, government representatives and members of local community associations were present to share this festive moment, tinged with emotion and solidarity.

The Granby Petits Frères team plans to grow rapidly in order to help as many people as possible aged 75 and over who are without family or suffering from loneliness. Their goal is to offer personalized and sustainable support to 40 new seniors by the end of 2022.




Photo credit: Jessy Brown, La Voix de l’Est



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