Summer of the Petits Frères des Pauvres around the world

This summer 2021, the volunteers and employees of the member organizations or partners of the Federation of the Little Brothers of the Poor have again done their utmost to break the solitude of the elderly!

For several months, isolated people have been even more lonely because of the health crisis and their psychological situation has not improved. Thus, this summer period has been an opportunity for reunions, new proposals for outings…


In Poland, the organization Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich, proposed the campaign “a day of

vacation” campaign. Attention was paid to single people needing help to leave their homes so that they could benefit from this proposal. The goal was to make people forget about their everyday life for a day spent outside. People did not see the time pass and they keep an excellent memory of this extraordinary day.

“It was very nice to walk around Wilson Park and see how happy and relaxed Mrs. Elzbieta was. We didn’t even notice that the day was already over!” says Natalia, a volunteer.



While in Hungary a short 2 km hike was prepared in partnership with a large sports company, in Germany, nice outings were also organized during the summer, allowing isolated people and their volunteer to share moments of encounter in a more relaxing atmosphere.

Anke (75) and Ronja (32) met two months ago and meet every two weeks.


“It was a miracle for me to find such a nice and kind person. We hit it off right away and time flies when we are together. Yesterday we went to the Philharmonie to see a very good baroque concert. I can’t wait to spend lots more time with Ronja!” Anke.




Also in France and other countries, beautiful and long-awaited moments of reunion took place this summer!

In all regions of Quebec’s Belle Province, Les Petits Frères‘ teams gathered to share moments of happiness and conviviality with Big Friends, while respecting public health guidelines. Beautiful gestures of joy and sharing can be seen on the faces of the participants.



In Mexico, due to the health crisis, it was not possible to gather all together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amigos de los Mayores Mexico (June 28) and of the existence of the San Augustin Day Care Center. However, phone calls were made to mark this event. During the summer workshops were organized with the help of new partners, two days a week in the form of gardening workshops, crafts and others playing with improvisation and movement. At the end of August, the association celebrated the National Grandparents’ Day with a delicious cake.



In the United States, Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Chicago, organized an outing in the forest, which delighted the seniors. The first in-person event since the health crisis was finally able to take place to allow seniors who had recently joined the association to meet each other. It was a great moment of celebration that delighted both the people accompanied and the volunteers!


Similarly, the organization Upper Michigan Chapter, once a week had a picnic for all of their Forever Friends based on their locations. The elders loved being able to get out of them homes and mingle with friends they haven’t seen in quite a while.


In Belgium, the teams composing the organization Bras dessus Bras dessous also innovated and allowed moments of reunion, afternoon snacks, outings to listen to stories, aperitif… This period was also conducive to the training of the project Main dans la Main, whose goal is to give tools that everyone can apply in daily life in order to change the view of aging.

Also in Spain, it was a busy summer as the organization Amigos de Los Mayores organized many summer activities!

While these beautiful images are heartwarming, the entire team would like to thank each and every one of the volunteers for their unfailing commitment on a daily basis!


Photo credits Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich, Freunde alter Menschen,  Les Petits Frères, Amigo de los MayoresLittle Brothers Friends of the Elderly Chicago, Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Upper Michigan Chapter, Bras dessus Bras dessous


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