The North American working group adressess the loneliness epidemic

The North American chapters of the International Federation of Petits Frères des Pauvres recently participated in the annual North American Working Group (NAWG) conference in Batavia, Illinois, USA.
Chapter delegates from Canada, Mexico, and the United States meet each spring to share best practices in programming and volunteer management.
One good example include “Home for the Holidays”, a program designed to create more one-to-one interactions with older adults in their homes and to train the volunteers on topics related to aging.
The speaker, Lisa Hollis-Sawyer,Ph.D. of Northeastern University, shared her expertise on the Loneliness Epidemic.
To create awareness of the loneliness epidemic among the older adult population, all NAWG chapters will be celebrating International Day of Older Persons in their communities on October 1st.
The NAWG is an opportunity for delegates to go to their home communities with renewed spirit and the opportunity to implement new programs and strategies to serve older adults.


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