First Solidarity Concert organized by the association Amigos de los Mayores – México

On Thursday, November 20th, the Amigos de los Mayores – México association held its first solidarity concert in order to raise fun

This concert was held in the Cathedral of Cuernavaca, a prestigious place considered one of the oldest buildings of New Spain, and is now one of the most important tourist attractions in the city because of its historical significance (more than 4 and a half centuries of history)..

More than 200 people enjoyed two hours of music by singer-songwriter Cristian Roman, Mexican classical songs performed by the Sólo Amigos Choir, and songs by soprano Erika Guadarrama and her group Puerta del Cielo.

The Sólo Amigos Choir is composed of 20 elderly people who meet twice a week to sing, without further pretension and who gather solely for the pleasure of music. They demonstrate that creating social ties and sharing passions are two ways to combat the loneliness of older people.

In Mexico, the elderly have a greater lack of access to culture because, due to the low pension they receive, they cannot buy a ticket to attend concerts, plays, etc.In the end, this solidarity concert was a great success, and 56 elderly people were able to attend it free of charge, thanks to tickets offered by anonymous people.



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