General mobilization for October 1!

As you know, October 1 was the International Day of Older Persons. For this special day, Les Petits Frères des Pauvres mobilized. Let’s have a look at the different actions carried out around the world…


Let’s go to Mexico!

For the 1st of October, Amigos de los Mayores – Mexico released on social media an awareness video with the actor Ariel López Padilla, national star in Mexico.

In addition, the association participated in 4 conferences for this international day of elderly people. During these conferences, topics such as: isolation of the elderly, their resilience or their mental health were discussed.


To watch the video : Secuencia 02_1



In Greece,

On October 1, our Greek partner Prolepsis Institue put the elderly in the spotlight for the international day.
For the first time, the volunteers went down in the streets to gave roses to the other adults and distributed some flyers to raise awareness. The operation was a great success!

At the same time, a communication campaign was promoted in the subway. The message was: “You can never get used to feeling alone”.





In France,

A national communication campaign has been launched on the theme of the intimate and sexual life of the elderly.  This awareness campaign, which follows a report, aims to break down clichés about the sexuality of seniors. The conclusions of this study reveal a discrepancy between the representations that society conveys about the elderly and the reality that they experience.





In Germany,

In Berlin, Freunde alter Menschen e.V. celebrated the International Day of Older Persons with an excursion to the Botanical Garden. The elderly by the team of volunteers visited the different greenhouses.

Afterwards, a lovingly set coffee table with freshly baked cake awaited us in a restaurant on the grounds of the botanical garden – a cozy afternoon with nice conversations, reunions and new encounters, laughter and joy at having taken the path despite the rain.





“Now I’ll take all these beautiful impressions home with me.”

                                                                                                                                                                                An elder after October 1




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