August 28: Celebration of Grandparents’ Day in Mexico

On August 28, all Mexicans paid tribute to their grandparents on this national day. According to the calendar, this is the date on which St. Augustine is celebrated, the name of the first Mexican foster home. This day is a reminder of the essential role that each grandparent plays in their family and in society.

Most of the elderly that Los Amigos de los Mayores accompanies are grandparents, but unfortunately, complex family situations do not necessarily allow them to have contact with their grandchildren. As a result these people are cut off from their families and are isolated. They suffer from an emotional void that affects their mental health.

Intergenerational relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren are essential. They stimulate the elders and encourage them to be more active. Grandchildren allow grandparents to remain partially connected to a reality that often escapes them. In addition, grandchildren are usually one of the only sources of affection that the elderly still have.



For this special day, the association Amigos de los Mayores decided to organize an event in partnership with the city hall. Various activities were offered to the elderly: physical exercises, music, dance, etc. All these activities are very important for the elderly. They allow them to escape from their routine and create new relationships.

All the volunteers present at this event were very happy to see the wide smiles displayed by the seniors. For the association Amigos de los Mayores – México, it was also a beautiful proof of confidence from the town hall of Cuernavaca which supported and encouraged this day.



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