Our call for solidarity towards our elders

In response to the indispensable physical “distancing” imposed on us by the health crisis that has hit many countries, the member organizations of the International Federation of Petits Freres des Pauvres call citizens to solidarity with the elderly. Maintaining the social link among all is a priority and it is possible for each one of us to act at his or her own level.

How can we reconcile the essential preservation of this link, which is vital for our seniors, with the necessary protection of their health?

▪ By calling them regularly: if it is not advisable to visit our seniors, you can always give them a call.

▪ By sending them a postcard or a little note: find the pleasure of writing a few words on paper and for our seniors, it’s the pleasure of receiving a letter.

▪ By communicating via digital tools: for the most connected, it is also possible to send them a message or communicate via Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter…

▪ Doing them a favour: shopping, dropping off mail, picking up medication… The confinement and lack of autonomy of some elderly people can complicate their daily lives. Ask them what they need and make their lives easier!

The International Federation of Petits Freres des Pauvres also pay tribute to the many corporate and citizen initiatives to maintain ties with the most fragile people. Helping each other, in these times, is more than ever a necessity for an inclusive society towards our seniors!


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