Romania: Niciodată Singur opened the first socialization center for lonely elderly people

Niciodată Singur inaugurated the first socialization center for the lonely elderly in Romania, in partnership with Dr.Max. The initiative is a long-term one, and its objective is to support one of the most sensitive communities in Romania, the seniors over the age of 65 who live, most often, in solitude.

“1 in 4 people over 65 years old feel acute loneliness, and 3 out of 10 elderly people have no one to socialize with. That is why it is very important to create an environment that invites them to interact as much as possible.”

Cătălin Dinu, Executive Director Niciodată Singur.

Niciodată Singur continues its mission to listen to people, especially those who need it most. The socialization center dedicated to seniors opened in Bucharest, will be able to support various activities based on their needs. Each day of the week has a theme focused on health, useful actions, psychology, art, as well as a recreational area.

The seniors who will visit the center will be able to enjoy inter-generational activities, sports sessions adapted to their age, knitting workshops, and foreign language courses, to promote the culture of volunteering in the life of the elderly. In addition, to provide them with psychological support, the center will organize support groups on various topics associated with loneliness, all supported with the help of specialists in the field.

The opening of the first socialization center for seniors in Romania comes in addition to the program already supported by the organization, which offers moral, practical, and material support to the elderly who live alone.

Social interaction plays a vital role in the physical and emotional health of seniors, and in Romania, most of the time, old age is about many closed doors and isolation.

“Seniors become more communicative when they feel part of a community. Socializing and spending free time to meet the affective needs, social recognition, the manifestation of life experiences, can do wonders in the case of the elderly.”

Cătălin Dinu, Executive Director Niciodată Singur

Photos credit: Niciodată Singur


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