The associations of the International Federation of Petits Freres des Pauvres mobilized in the face of Covid-19

With the Covid-A9 pandemic affecting more and more countries around the world, the associations of the International Federation of Petits Freres des Pauvres are mobilizing and adapting their actions to help the elderly overcome their isolation.

In all countries, visits to the homes of the elderly have been halted due to containment measures. The telephone has become the main tool to keep the link between the volunteers and the elderly, alone and isolated. This link is all the more important as some older people are anxious and lost in this situation, which is new to all. In Canada, the United States, Spain, Romania… telephone chains have been set up and the ringing of the telephone breaks the monotony of hundreds of elderly people. Volunteers are mobilizing by providing more important telephone hotlines as in Romania.

Companies are mobilizing alongside the associations of the International Federation of Petits Freres des Pauvres.

Throughout the world, companies are mobilising to enable associations to continue to fight against the isolation of the elderly and to meet new needs.

Because beyond moral support, some people need help to do their shopping or prepare meals. The Petits Freres des Pauvres associations have also set up food distribution channels thanks to the support of companies, restaurants and citizens.

For example, in Poland, a large catering company made a food donation that made it possible to distribute 3 meals a day for 2 weeks to several dozen elderly people in Warsaw.

In Romania, they are now able to deliver food baskets (fruit, vegetables and non-perishable goods) every 2 weeks.

Easter will remain a feast: but the large Easter meals are being transformed to comply with confinement instructions. Meal baskets and bouquets of flowers will light up the Easter weekend for the elderly, particularly in Romania, Poland and Germany.

On another not, in France as in Spain, the organizations have solicited donations to buy tablets and mobile phones for people confined to retirement homes.

Alert public opinion about the situation of the elderly in this health crisis

Like the Polish, French and Romanian associations, all the leaders are present in the media to alert them to the situation of the elderly at this time of crisis. The Petits Frères des Pauvres in France have forged a partnership with RCF radio and have been interviewed by journalists from Le Monde, Euronews, France24 …

In Spain, the leaders of Amigos de los Mayores launched the campaign “We overcome this isolation with the elderly #LlamadasContraelSilencio“. A website has been created especially to inform, advise and give guidelines for making telephone calls to the elderly.

In the face of this health and human crisis, the volunteers and employees of the associations of the International Federation of Petits Freres des Pauvres are very mobilized and collaborate with all the other local and national associations.

Isolation is even greater when you cannot leave your home and no one can visit you.


(Credit photos : Niciodata Singur)


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