Do you know “Ageism through the ages”?

The United Nations and the World Health Organization have launched from October 1, 2021 (International Day of Older Persons) to November 20, 2021 (World Children’s Day) the project Ageism through the ages“, as part of the Global Campaign on Ageism.

The main objective of this global initiative is to raise awareness of this phenomenon that can affect us throughout our lives, from childhood to old age, and thus encourage the mobilization of different actors. The Decade Platform has been specially set up and offers throughout this period activities, events and numerous resources to draw the attention of the general public to ageism.

But what is ageism anyway? When you meet someone, have you ever had a prejudice about their character or their ideas, simply based on the fact that they are too young or too old? This is exactly what ageism is. It is the attitude, the discriminatory behaviors we may see towards someone based on their age. Ageism influences the way we think or behave with someone based on their age, and mainly affects older people.

The Ageism Across the Ages initiative is part of a larger program of global collaboration called the Decade of Healthy Ageing. This program brings together different actors-civil society organizations, governments, and businesses-with a common theme and a common goal: to improve the lives of older people, their families, and their communities. With the world’s population aging and the proportion of people over 60 years of age set to double by 2050, healthy aging has become a global issue that must not be overlooked.

For the United Nations and the World Health Organization, it is necessary to inform and raise awareness on the theme of healthy ageing, in order to push actors to mobilize. The Platform responds to this need thanks to the numerous resources it offers.

Find here the awareness-raising video published as part of “Ageism through the ages”.


Want to learn more about the Decade of Healthy Aging? Here’s a video that explains what it’s all about:


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