The Quarantunes Concert: the innovative musical initiative of young Americans

Bringing a musical experience to isolated seniors is the challenge that eight young Americans have taken up!

While the pandemic has amplified the feeling of isolation among many seniors, a group of California high school students decided to bring joy to the isolated through jazz!

Music is known to stimulate the release of dopamine, which brings a sense of happiness and reduces anxiety. Based on this idea, Leo Mermelstein, a senior student at Los Gatos High School, founded the group Quarantunes. For their first online concert, they decided to offer 37 minutes of listening to great American Jazz classics.

Leo’s initiative shows that young people are sensitive to the living situation of the elderly and that they are able to take time to fight against the isolation among the older adults by using their talents and skills.  Bringing people out of their loneliness is the business of all citizens and everyone can make a contribution.

If you want to listen to good music, if you want to travel virtually, if you want to help an elderly person discover the use of new technologies and if you want to admire the talents of young high school students: this concert is for you!


The Quarantunes Concert is available for free here.


Photo credit: Quarantunes


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