Thanksgiving with LBFE in the United States

On Thursday, November 25, the United States celebrated Thanksgiving, a traditional family and warm holiday. But, as we know, for isolated elderly people, the holiday season is synonymous with even greater solitude. That’s why the various LBFE (Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly) in the US organizations have, once again this year, redoubled their efforts to make sure that the elderly have a good day!

In the Upper Michigan and Chicago, volunteers and employees delivered Thanksgiving meals to the homes of all the isolated people on the day of the holiday, thanks to a meticulous organization and an exceptional mobilization of everyone! Similarly, in San Francisco, no less than 215 meals were delivered to the elderly on Wednesday, and 150 people received a phone call or video call on Thanksgiving Day. Enough to put a smile on everyone’s face!

In Boston, although it was not possible to organize the traditional Thanksgiving meal due to the sanitarian situation, the LBFE teams did not let themselves be defeated. Indeed, the organization set up several activities for the seniors on the theme of the holidays: pumpkin decorations, thankfulness exercises, cookie decorations, making greeting cards on the computer….

Finally, for Thanksgiving Day, the organization wanted to organize smaller celebrations (18) in their different premises dedicated to the “Digital Dividend” program (which we talked about here).

Once again, thanks to LBFE, isolated elderly people were able to enjoy Thanksgiving and feel less alone!


Photo credit: LBFE San Francisco, LBFE Boston


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